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19 September 2006 @ 07:57 am
Peyton hummed a little out of key as she sifted thought the clothes she had brought with her, searching for something to wear to dinner that night. She stared at an emerald green halter top for a moment before throwing it back in her bag. The top was cute enough, but if they planned to be outside at all she wouldn't last five minutes. The weather was definitely getting colder.

The house was quiet with Jake gone to take Jenny back to her grandparents. Growing tired of her own musical stylings, Peyton moved across the room to turn the stereo on. As music filled the quasi-empty apartment, she found what she wanted among the piles of clothes and singing along to the music, she disappeared into the shower.

As she stepped under the warm water, and steam fogged over the mirror, she heard the faint slam of the door and knew that Jake was home. She smiled goofily to herself, just at the thought of him. She still got giddy thinking of him, after all their time apart.

Later, she emerged from the bathroom wearing a dark denim skirt and a soft black sweater that fell off of one shoulder. Her blonde hair fell in soft curls around her face as she smiled across the room at Jake.
Pinch Me, I'm: giddygiddy
12 September 2006 @ 09:06 pm
Jake glanced over at the sleeping figure next to him and felt a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. It was now 2:03 in the morning, and he hadn't been able to fall asleep. Thoughts had been racing through his mind ever since the moment Peyton had asked him to marry her. Shouldn't I have been the one to propose? he asked himself mentally as he stared blankly at the spinning ceiling fan above, Are we even ready for this? His heart responded with a doubtless "yes," but his head didn't know what to think anymore. What were his parents going to say? And her dad. Jake had always gotten along with Mr. Sawyer, but what was he going to think of this?

Hearing a soft rustle from across the room, he lifted his head to make sure Jenny was still sleeping. After waiting a moment for any other movements, he settled back down, satisfied with the fact that he didn't need to get up. It was then that another thought struck his mind. What if Peyton isn't ready for this? Or what if she was acting on instinct and now regrets her decision? Sure, Jake was having some doubts, but it didn't take away from the excitement of spending the rest of his life with Peyton. Just the thought of Peyton backing out of this now would just leave him even more confused than before. At that moment, all of his thoughts were pushed away by a warm body curling up against his side. He turned his head and locked eyes with the subject of his thoughts.
10 September 2006 @ 10:05 am